7 Things To Do In A Building Inspection in Kangaroo Island

 Have you found your dream home on Kangaroo Island?

Desperate to get ahead and move in tomorrow? Slow down and take your time – there can be many pitfalls involved in buying a home and rushing into it could be extremely costly in the long term.

Remember that this is one of the biggest financial investments you’re likely to make – you want to ensure that everything about the property has passed a vigorous inspection from qualified experts.

This is why you must look at getting some building inspections for your KI property.

So What Should You Look at In A Building Inspection?

  • 1. Water Stains

Always check around showers, sinks and baths, as well as the rooms that lie directly beneath these. You’ll need to check for any signs of moisture or leaks and note the size of these as well as whether they’re old or fresh. Don’t ignore them as they could indicate significant issues.

  • 2. Wall Cracks

In reality, every home is likely to have cracks – and these can often be harmless imperfections in the paintwork. However, any crack larger than 2.00mm should be investigated further as it could be a sign of structural damage within the building which could prove very expensive to repair.

Cracked Walls Repairs

Cracked Walls Repairs

  • 3. Look Up

Sagging ceilings are one of the biggest giveaways that there are structural problems in a home. Check that all ceilings are firmly in place by shining a torch up to them and querying any defects.

  • 4. Look Inside

Don’t be afraid to open cupboards, look behind doors and really snoop around a home. Hidden mildew, mould and damp are superficial indicators of deeper problems so always try to search them out to have a clear idea of the situation.

  • 5. Look Outside

It’s important to figure out whether everything is working as well on the outside as it is inside a property that you’re planning to buy. Drain pipes are a key concern as they’ll indicate how well rain water flows away from the house. Check all guttering and storm drains.

  • 6. Door Frames and Window Frames

It’s always a give away if door frames are bending or bowing slightly. These should always be flush against a wall so check whether they’re out of place in any way and question this. Always try opening and closing windows to check that they’re in working order.

  • 7. The Surrounding Area

The area that your property is in will often be as important as the property itself particularly in regard to your overall living standard. Look out for trees nearby that look unstable or may block light, check nearby pylons or street lighting, ask about the drainage in the road in general and observe the sort of homes that surround your potential new place.

We highly recommend using Tier 1 Building Inspections Adelaide who are more than happy to come over to Kangaroo Island to help with your building or property inspections.